A Priest, a Rabbi, a Wiccan and an Atheist walk into a bar.

As they enter (according to the pre-written story being DM’d) they are headed straight towards a puddle of beer on the floor. 

The DM secretly and arbitrarily assigns each player a number between 1 and 4, and rolls a die.

It is a 2 – The number assigned to the Rabbi. (5 or 6 would have meant none of them) 

The Rabbi is headed straight for the puddle.

The room is dark and smoky, there’s a High degree of difficulty in discerning the puddle, which is itself very slippery. 

The DM asks the Rabbi to Roll  Awareness (High – 5D) and the DM rolls 5 for the puddle. They roll 8 and 24 respectively.

The rabbi is completely oblivious to the puddle and steps right into it. 

The DM now asks him to Roll Agility – which is Above Average, he rolls 4 dice. The puddle, Very slippery, rolls 6 dice.

Again the Rabbi fails to roll higher (he rolls an 11 Vs the puddle’s 21). He slips and falls. 


He must now beat the difference in rolls – 10, with an Endurance Roll to avoid Injury.

Lucky, his Endurance is High. He rolls 5 dice and easily beats 10 with a roll of 29. He is uninjured, but embarrassed. 

Picking himself up off the floor he joins the others at a table. The waiter approaches and they order a drink each. 

The Wiccan orders a rare, herbal liqueur, which is said to be hallucinogenic and magickal.

The waiter cautions that it can sometimes be poisonous, but she orders it anyway.

The drink is poisonous, and to an Above Average degree. She makes an Above Average Endurance Roll of 4 dice and easily wins.

She is unaffected by the poison, and commences hallucinating nicely.

The Atheist is bored and decides to watch a nearby pool game. One of the players looks up at her and makes a lewd gesture.

When she returns the gesture, he advances on her holding the pool cue, threateningly.  

He swings the pool cue at her head. He is a big, strong guy, but his Skill for Strike/Parry is only Above Average (4), the pool cue adds +1D as a weapon.

He rolls 5 dice.

However, the Atheist is a veteran Martial Artist and Very Highly Skilled in Both Strike/Parry and Evade. 

She attempts to Evade the blow and rolls 6 dice. She beats him 27 to 12, and ducks well in time (more than double the roll)

She has enough time to counterattack and strikes up from her crouch. 

She rolls 6 dice (the DM could rule a -1 die penalty for striking from a defensive crouch) while he attempts to Parry her with his leg, rolling 4 dice. 

She outrolls him again 25 to 13. He takes 12 points of Injury.

He attempts to beat it with an Endurance roll (Average) but only rolls a 9.

Being only a minor character, he is dead. The poolroom empties.


The players run for the back door of the bar but the fire escape door is stuck. Luckily, the priest is also a weightlifter, and Highly Strong.

He shoves at the door which is only Above Averagely stuck (5 dice Vs 4 dice) but he fails. 

He tries again (the DM could rule here that unless he rests between any subsequent attempts for a few seconds at least, losing them precious time, future rolls will be at -1 die penalty). 

His 2nd attempt succeeds, however, and they are out the door. They run for the carpark of the shopping mall next door.

They can hear the sounds of pursuit and a shout of “Stop! Police.”

The DM at this point could average a Movement/Agility Roll for the group and that of the 3 pursuing police officers, to determine whether they catch up to them prior to reaching the carpark.

 Alternatively, all of the players and each of the 3 police officers (the DM) could roll Movement/Agility Roll  to see a more individual result of who gets caught by whom. 


The most important rule is: make the rules work how you think they should or how you need them to. Always use common sense, unless the setting for the story, is a place where that kind of thing doesn’t exist.